Gothamist's 14 Best New Restaurants of 2014: Ivan Ramen

Paul Quitoriano/Gothamist

Paul Quitoriano/Gothamist

Gothamist names Ivan Ramen as one of the 14 best new restuants of NYC 2014. 

"New Yorkers got their first taste of Ivan Orkin's signature ramen style when Gotham West Market opened last November, but it wasn't until Orkin finally debuted his standalone shop that we got a taste of his full potential for inventive cooking style, noodle soups and beyond. At the cosy LES shop, there are ramens, of course, include a Tokyo Shio and the super poultry-infused Chicken Paitan, all made with Orkin's special rye noodles.

Since you're already making the caloric commitment, definitely explore the rest of Orkin's outstanding menu of hot and cold dishes, especially the tender Braised Beef Tongue, served with a meaty dashi broth and some sinus-clearing hot mustard. If you get the impression you're being watched, blame the Silken Tofu Caesar Salad, which employs tiny whole fried baby anchovies in lieu of bread. This cheese-head is disappointed that the Four Cheese Mazeman has been retired, but it'll probably give our heart a few more beats to live without it."

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